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Now you can install this control directly from NuGet!

To install Subgurim GoogleMaps from NuGet, just type:

PM> Install-Package Subgurim.Maps

This will add all the necessary files, register them in your web.config and add placeholders for your API and Commercial (if needed) Keys.

Free Download
  • Only for non commercial applications.
  • Fully functional. No limitations.
  • With messages and HTML code comments from GoogleMaps.Subgurim.NET.
Commercial License
  • Use it in commercial and profesional applications.
  • Without messages or HTML code comments from GoogleMaps.Subgurim.NET.
  • From as low as 10€!
  • Download the free control and configure the Commercial Key once you acquire the commercial license.
Source Code License
  • With all the benefits of the other licenses
  • Complete C# source code.
  • Install (if not using NuGet)
    1. Copy the .dll in your ~/bin directory
    2. Add the control to the toolboxs: right button -> Choose Items -> .NET Framework Components -> Browse ->Browse the control and select it - > OK
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